Fresno UC Davis

FFA Booster Club Board – I just wanted to share with you about the trip the livestock judging team took to Fresno. I am so glad I had the opportunity to accompany them as a chaperon. I’ll admit, when Trent first mentioned this trip I was unsure whether or not it really justified the money, effort and time away from school. However after four days and over two thousand miles traveling with the team i returned to Lynden confident that this trip was completely worth it. I wish that all of you could have seen how these students behaved on the trip. They were very diligent during their numerous study and preparation sessions. Even more importantly, they represented the Lynden FFA chapter well with their mature and respectful behavior as they interacted with the other teams,coaches and the owners of the  farms they toured. I asked each of the students to write something about the trip. Here’s what they had to say –

Emily: “Getting to see new livestock and doing six sets of reasons has really made this trip a great learning experience.”

Juan: “The contest itself helped to motivate us and encourage us. The trip with the college coach was very beneficial in advancing our skills. We appreciate your support.”

Katherine: “for the first time since State, I feel ready for the challenge of competing at Nationals. Seeing us do as well as college sophomores in our reasons scores definitely boosted my confidence.”

Tyler: “It was so beneficial being able to hear different people explain their placings for a class. Also having to give six sets of reasons with limited time has boosted my confidence for Nationals.”

Thanks again for supporting the Livestock Judging Team.


Molly Smith